Your Journal: The Tool to Reach Your Goals

Reaching your goals is hard. You want an effective method to get from point A to point Z. You  have come to the right place. (But, if you are searching for an easy way to reach your goals you’ve come to the wrong place.)

Your Journal – The Tool to Reach Your Goals is a 2 week (Monday through Friday) class presented in an online forum format. It is the toughest goals class online. How hard? Well, you know when you get a brand new puppy and you have to be on ready alert in order to train that little furry funimal to go outdoors to do his business?

Yes, it is that hard – and that worth it. Once you’ve learned to use the information presented in this class you will have this effective method at your fingertips, a friend for life.

I didn’t know how much time I would need to devote to the class and I had never taken an online class like this so I was worried I might get behind and have to drop out.

I have found an organized and thorough planning process that is very motivating to work towards goals.

The Journal Guide was very knowledgeable and gave friendly, helpful and professional guidance to the participants.

The assignments were manageable and they led from one point to another until I had my ‘ah ha!’ moment.  The process included identifying and looking at ways to deal with obstacles, so I feel more motivated and able to tackle my goal successfully.  There is a wealth of information in the course material.  And, I met really nice people; there was a very supportive atmosphere.

I highly recommend this course.  The end product is a very valuable tool that can be used numerous times as I go through life.

Sarah Bates
Albuquerque, NM

UPDATE: After meeting her goal of losing 20 pounds, Sarah added: “This time losing weight has been different for me.  I’m trying to decide exactly what is was.  It wasn’t so much work as in the past.  I think it is partly having done the hard stuff in advance in the goal planning stage [mischievousness!] and having a caring, nonjudgmental group for accountability.”

What you will learn:

  • What a goal is and what is not a goal.
  • 3 categories of goals
  • What the Mischievousness factor is
  • Which tactics to use to deal with Mischievousness
  • The Decisive System
  • The Expansive System
  • Why hand written matters
  • Transportation you use to move to your goal

Because the class is presented in a forum you have a 24 hour window in which to complete each lesson and assignment.

I wasn’t sure I’d have enough time to think and I was unsure if I could follow through and finish the class.

I actually finished! I made the time, albeit not always on time, to devote to it. So now I know that I have the ability to make journaling a habit. Even if it’s a few words a day just so I don’t break the habit.

The thing I liked most about the class was manageable assignments, not too much at a time.

The positive feedback was great, too! In addition, I learned about breaking down a goal to make it seem possible and not overwhelming. I had an awakening a few days into the course and knew I was not turning back on my goal.

I see this class as a two-fold gift. To help one grow in their journey in life and to keep a record of your life for your family and possibly for some future generations.

I will be reaping the rewards for years to come! Thank you Yvonne, Tonya and Joe!

Tina Yarbrough
Cordes Lakes, AZ


Carly Kouba - StudentI was really apprehensive about taking this course because I don’t like journaling (or writing in general), sharing my personal feelings with strangers online, and learning a new technology such as the forum setup.

But, I found that connecting with others who are working toward the same goal was encouraging to me and sharing about myself is not that threatening.  Since I’m wanting to finish my assignment, I’ve been able to get my thoughts down quicker.

And, I really like that this whole process is broken down into small steps since I do get overwhelmed by having to do so much reflection and writing.

I am super thrilled about learning a new process (expansive technique). I am also excited about being able to stay connected to the group that has the shared experience of using our journals to reach our goals. My children are seeing me journal and hopefully it will rub off on them.

I will recommend Journal in a Box. In fact, I already have when telling my sister about my journey with how to overcome my excuses. I would encourage others to take the class rather than just tell them about it because the combination of the readings, assignments, journaling, and commenting on a forum are more effective.

The class material has been interesting to read.  It was a good idea to send out the reading assignments ahead of time, so I could get myself mentally prepared for the tough assignments that were to follow and get an idea of where the class was headed. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to get into it, but I’m glad that I did.

Thank you so much for all your hard work in putting together this class!!

Get in on the class today for only $50. Only 10 people are allowed in each class so you receive the attention you deserve. You may get on the waiting list by signing up here. You will pay $10 today to secure your spot on the waiting list. As soon as your place has been confirmed in the class you will be invoiced for the remainder of the balance.

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