Why an RV Log is NOT a Journal

Keeping an RV Log is not the same thing as keeping a journal of your RV trip.When I am out and about and talking to the RV world many of them believe they are keeping a journal but what they actually have is an RV log. Most RV logs track things like mileage and services and some even have a place to record where you stopped along the way. These logs are designed for the RV not the Trip.

For example, have you ever recorded in your RV log what hobby you are working on, or museums or tours you took that day, or even things like views and landscapes you came across? Or have you ever had a time when you remembered something fantastic from a trip two years ago? Would you have recorded that in your log? I’m betting no. A log is a great tool to keep your RV in tip-top shape but it is not journal.

Keeping a handwritten journal on your RV trips is a wonderful thing. You can write down everything: who we saw; what places we went; even ‘the story I remember from when I went on a trip with my parents years ago.’ RV journal writers have a great thing going on. Every town, city or campground they journal about is like writing  a history book for your kids, grandkids, and even the guy who finds your journal 50 years from now and writes a book about the trip across this great land – hey, you never know!

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