Where Do You Go to Write in Your Journal?

My porch was calling me

Feeling a bit on the romantic or whimsical side this morning I had a longing to run to my porch and use my journal. It was still too cool outdoors when I had that desire so I remained indoors. That doesn’t mean you won’t find me out there later scribbling away. It is warming up nicely as the day progresses.

Writing wherever

At any rate, I got to thinking about all the places that I’ve used my journal over the years and found that I’m actually pretty flexible. When it comes to writing in my journal I usually seek comfort and quiet but neither of those conditions are mandatory. I can write in the passenger (or back) seat of a moving vehicle or while sitting in a soft comfy chair in the living room while wild antics are being displayed across the room by my rambunctious grandkiddos.

While I like to have a solid surface on which to place my journal, like my desk or a table, I can manage to write with my thighs as the (mostly) horizontal plane.

Lighting whenever

I can’t write in the dark, but dim I can handle. So, while a lamp or sunlight are great, even twilight can be sufficient. For that matter, just as the sun is coming over the horizon I’m sometimes found on the porch I mentioned earlier with pen in hand.

What tugs my journal writing heart strings

Being a bit of a romantic sort, I also enjoy sitting near my fireplace while making entries. And, lovely fountains in public places pull at my journal writing heart strings.

Where do you go to write in your journal?

Where do you like to be when you are writing in your journal? What atmosphere do you prefer? Do you always go to the same place to write? Or do you change it up?

As a lover of words, pens, paper and the dictionary I'm a natural for journal writing. But, I wasn't always faithful to the task and had to learn the hard way. Some trial and error as well as input from my journal writing friends helped move me along. I have a burning desire to help people who want to use and get the most out of their journals and diaries. I see journal writing as a self improvement tool and a way to avoid costly mistakes, bad relationships and my stinky-self. Finding my kindly self is part of the journey which keeps me writing. I Journalate and so can you.


  1. I like your writing style. I usually sit in my overstuffed chair in my office for most of my journaling. Unless, that is, I am working on the one I keep on my computer. I have several. A lot of times it is in the wee hours of the morning before the world begins to wake up. I like the quiet of the morning. Like you I can usually write just about anywhere, but as far as distractions go, I am more tempted to join in the activity.

  2. Hey Ann,
    Yes! An overstuffed chair in a private office can be journal writing heaven. And, like you, I can have trouble staying focused if other people are having too much fun in my neighborhood. :)
    Thanks for your response. I appreciate it!


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