What’s Your Tagline?

Journal in a BoxTM is looking for a stellar tagline to use on our website and in our online marketing. Some of the greatest taglines of all time include, “Don’t leave home without it,” “Just do it,” and “Got Milk?” Think you have what it takes to write a tagline that will go down in history? Send us your best Journal in a BoxTM tagline!

We’re giving away a Journal in a BoxTM guided journal edition of your choice to the contributor of the tagline we like best. Your tagline could be used on our website and in our online and offline marketing. So, get writing and send us your best ideas!

You can get extra entries by liking us on facebook, following us on twitter and tweeting about it to all your friends!

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I help people erase blank pages. I am a wife and a mom of three beautiful kiddos. I live in central Arizona, where the sun nearly always shines and the roadrunners often stop to visit on the porch.


  1. Experience it, Write it, Remember it forever.

    • Thanks for the great idea, Amanda! If you want to enter the giveaway, be sure to click on the rafflecopter giveaway widget above. If you mouse over the the button that says +2 DO IT! it should turn green. Click on it and you can make your entry there! Thanks!

    • Hi amanda,
      those our great words well said. do you mind if i write that down
      to help write. for i am in a fog. those words spoke to me thanks again have a nice week-end good luck you should win. joanie from CT

      • Thanks, Joanie, for posting that! There is nothing better than watching journalers help each other. That is one of the main reasons we created the Jibber-Jabber Forum!


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