The Journal Guides Need Your Help


As always, the Journal Guides at Journal in a BoxTM are seeking ways to better serve you. When we develop new products or provide journal writing information or classes it is with a constant eye on helping you and giving you what you want or need.

We frequently put our heads together and discuss our many options for providing journal writing information and products for you. And, we are always searching for ways to meet your needs in fun and innovative ways. At our meetings we are always asking one another questions, trying to get to the bottom line best way to help you.

The “Ah hah” moment

Then, a couple of days ago one of us said, “Let’s let them ask the questions.” Each of us in turn had our eyes light up. A few moments later we had the answer – questions.

Would you be so kind as to ask us questions? What we are seeking is questions about journal writing. We would like to know what questions you have about the use of a journal, the benefits of journaling or the art, science or history of journal writing.

Ask questions

You can ask one question or one hundred questions. The way we figure, the more the merrier. Challenge us. Dare us. Interrogate us. Test us. Rouse us. Spark us. Just ask us some questions.

Will you pass our request on to others you know who are interested in journal writing or diary keeping. Tell them to throw their best questions our way. We would also like to hear from your non-journaling friends or family. Tweet about us. Mention us on your Facebook page. Include us in your blog posts. Notify your senator. Or just ask around. Thanks!

Send your questions to:

Or, just hit reply and ask your questions in the comment section below.

Please help us by questioning us. We truly do appreciate your help.

As a lover of words, pens, paper and the dictionary I'm a natural for journal writing. But, I wasn't always faithful to the task and had to learn the hard way. Some trial and error as well as input from my journal writing friends helped move me along. I have a burning desire to help people who want to use and get the most out of their journals and diaries. I see journal writing as a self improvement tool and a way to avoid costly mistakes, bad relationships and my stinky-self. Finding my kindly self is part of the journey which keeps me writing. I Journalate and so can you.


  1. Question: Will you be home in mid-April in case Betty and I come to visit?

  2. LOL, Aunt Barbara! Yes, and we would love to see you and Aunt Betty. Of course we still want your journal questions. :)

  3. Did you get my list of questions? I am not sure how this is supposed to work, but I tried.


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