Keeping Perspective Through Your Business Journal

Have you ever said something like this? “Some times I do so many small things in a day that I lose track of how much I’m accomplishing, and it makes me feel like I’ve done nothing at all.”

Or perhaps you’ve said this. “I’ve experienced more than a few occasions when I felt as if things in this business were jumping out of control.”

If you have, then I know how you feel, because I’ve been there. I’ll explain in a minute what I’ve found to deal with both those issues but first I want to tell you a story.

The story of a fellow business owner

I belong to an online business forum filled with members who strive to help one another through various scenarios concerning marketing and other business issues. We can ask questions, give support or information, and generally help ourselves as well as one another.

Another way we support each other is to report how using a specific technique or system has been advantageous to our business. Not long ago one of the members reported an ongoing growth and sales increase in his online sales by using a technique suggested by the owner of the forum. It was exciting and many of us were “in line” to give our congratulations to him and learn what he had done right, what worked for him.

Then the owner of the forum stepped in to do some congratulating of his own and took the conversation in a whole different direction all at the same time.

I was excited by what he said but not at all surprised. The forum owner pointed out that less than a year ago he (the forum owner) had predicted this fellow’s great success based on one thing the fellow does on a regular basis.

What was the one thing?

Actually something so simple that most business owners miss it. At the end of each business day, the business owner writes in his journal what he has accomplished that day. Yep, that simple. And, it takes only minutes a day.

Remember, I said I would tell you how I deal with those two opening scenarios. Now you have the answer – write in your business or work journal at the end of your work day.

What? You’re kidding me, right!

Is that what your reaction is right now? “How can writing in a journal be so compelling?” you may be asking.

Whether you are a business owner or an employee this technique works

Knowing that you are accomplishing even one simple thing a day can be quite heady. And, this technique is a two way street. If you are on the street one way you give yourself the ego boost you need to keep coming back day after day. And, the other side of the street has you looking for and thinking about accomplishments you can record at the end of the day. Yes, the notion that at the end of the day you will need to write about at least one accomplishment is sure to have you striving for those accomplishments.

And there is even more. After writing what you’ve accomplished, write a bit about what happened during the day. What you will get is a big dose of perspective.

Here is a bit of perspective on this subject of perspective

There are a number of ways this exercise of writing about the day can pan out.

  • You realize the day was mostly pretty good and that day’s end crisis wasn’t the whole day.
  • You notice that even though the day was mostly chaotic there was that one ray of sunshine.
  • You see a pattern developing which you would like to eliminate.
  • You see a pattern developing and you would like to see it go further.
  • You notice that you’ve begun a habit which is hindering your growth.
  • You decide there is one thing you’ve been leaving out of your day that would greatly improve your business.

The list goes on, but you see what I mean.

When you take a few minutes to write about the day you have not only a record of your growth, your struggles, your victories but you also have a way to put things in perspective.

That’s a good idea, but . . .

So, you may be setting there saying, “That’s a good idea, but . . .” Well, my question to you is, how will you know how to eliminate the “but” until you’ve tried it?

You can start today. When your day ends write about at least one thing you’ve accomplished today. You may have a slew of things. Write as many as you can think of. Then add some perspective to your business journal in order to grow your business.

My bet is that you are going to feel pretty good about those accomplishments and want to come back for more. Don’t worry if you miss a day or two. Just keep practicing this simple technique and soon you’ll wonder what you ever did without it.

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As a lover of words, pens, paper and the dictionary I'm a natural for journal writing. But, I wasn't always faithful to the task and had to learn the hard way. Some trial and error as well as input from my journal writing friends helped move me along. I have a burning desire to help people who want to use and get the most out of their journals and diaries. I see journal writing as a self improvement tool and a way to avoid costly mistakes, bad relationships and my stinky-self. Finding my kindly self is part of the journey which keeps me writing. I Journalate and so can you.


  1. Are you going to have a Business Journal in a Box? After reading this post, I need one. I have to bill everyday so I always have an idea of what I have accomplished but I sure could journal on the “people issues”. I am going to start journaling about that every night as a stress reducer, hopefully a calming influence and a crabbiness eliminator. I needed this one. THANK YOU!

    • Yes! We are actually launching a whole new line of business related projects this year! I’d love to hear your comments on the forum as to what all you would use your business related journal for.


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