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Megan from The Owl Tree sent us over a great DIY post with a project to do with your old incomplete journals. What a great idea! Thanks, Megan!




The Why: 

Okay, I have to admit that I have a problem.  I am a compulsive journal abandoner.  I always find an adorable journal that I just can’t wait to write in.  I promise myself to write in it faithfully every day.  For the next week, I follow through with my promise.  Then I get busy and daily turns into monthly.  Finally, I give up on it completely. After that comes the guilt of not keeping a promise to write in a stupid journal as often as I’d like.  The cycle starts over again when I get another new journal.  This is how I ended up with about 5 books with maybe twenty or so pages filled.  Each journal had large gaps of time between entries.   So, instead of having all of these notebooks and journals lying around, I decided I could condense them into one big book. I’m going to share with you the steps I took to create my journal book.

The How:

1. First, I gathered all the books I had written inside. With an x-acto knife, I carefully cut the pages out. All the while making sure I was keeping them in chronological order. Now I was planning on somehow binding them all together, but the pages were different sizes and shapes.

2. I took the largest page, mine was 10×10, and cut two pieces of heavy cardboard about one inch wider and taller than my biggest page. I then coated the front and back of each piece with rubber cement and pasted on decorative papers. I used a patterned paper for the outside and a solid paper for the inside.

journal binding3. To attach the journal pages to the cover, I punched two holes in a piece of scrap cardstock to use as a template to mark where I wanted each page and the covers to be bound together. Some of the journal pages had to be turned different directions, but I feel that it just makes it more interesting to look at and flip through. Besides, all that really matters is that the pages are together, right? The pages were then stacked in order and I slipped a rubber band through the holes and looped it together with a paperclip. This makes it a nice way to remove the binding if I need to add anything later. This was a quick and easy way to keep the papers together which I spotted somewhere on Pinterest. This was my completed journal.

completed DIY journal

I have to say, doing this really cleared my mind about leaving a few journals unfinished.  It also made me more motivated to start a new journal.  Maybe I really WILL write in it every day this time?!

So, what are your thoughts on keeping a journal? Do you faithfully write in one each day, or are you more like me an only write in one every so often?  Now that I look back on this journal book, I really did cover a lot of events in my life even if I didn’t write all the time.  It is amazing how much you really forget, and it’s fun to read back and remember. I think it is better to have some memories written down, instead of none at all.  If you do write in a journal each day, how do you keep yourself motivated to do so?


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  1. The whole daily-weekly-monthly-yearly thing happens to me soooo much!!! I can’t tell you how many journals I’ve started and never finished. And to this day, there is not one journal that I have finished, not one that I have written cover to cover!! That irks me sooo much! Anyway, I loved your post, I’ll definitely try to do that, I just don’t know if I can do that good of a job!:D:D

    • Hi Jan! Good to hear from you! If you make one of these, let us know how it goes – send pictures. :-)


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