And the Winner Is

The winner of the Journal in a Box Tagline Giveaway

Wow! You Are Amazing!

You came through and that is so exciting to the Journal Guides here at Journal in a BoxTM. Just like you, we like to keep things fun and different, entertaining and useful.

We sent out the call. We asked for your help.

We said, “Help us come up with a tag line for Journal in a BoxTM.”

It was simply fascinating to see all the different things you wrote, the excellent ideas you had. Thank you so much for helping us. You may not realize how helpful you’ve been. We appreciate each and every one of you. Like I said, you are amazing!

We used a Rafflecopter random drawing.

All of your ideas went into the digital hopper and magically a random name was chosen as the winner of one of the guided journals.

Tammy won! She chose a Journal in a Box Original Edition.

So, Tammy, be prepared, your new journal is on its way. Enjoy!

And to all of you who were so generous with your time, your talent and your thoughtfulness a giant THANK YOU is on its way to you.

I help people erase blank pages. I am a wife and a mom of three beautiful kiddos. I live in central Arizona, where the sun nearly always shines and the roadrunners often stop to visit on the porch.

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