Welcome AFHE Members!

You work hard making sure your children are educated, informed, disciplined and trained in the ways they should go. You search and research to be sure you are giving them the best education you are capable of providing.

Even so, there are days when your activities outnumber your hours. There are times when doubts seem to be creeping in at the corners of your school, when chaos supplants your well laid plans.

It is difficult to instruct your children concerning the power of focus when you’ve lost your own.

Homeschool Parents Edition

The Journal in a BoxTM Homeschool Parents Edition guided journal is designed to give you a place to focus on the important aspects of your homeschool journey.

The easy to use format allows you to quickly record critical information from your daily homeschool experience. And, once a week you have a page guiding you to sum up the week.

More importantly this guided journal quietly and persistently allows you to focus on the things which are most important to your homeschool. You never compare yourself to others. Instead, you are guided to strive to improve your as well as your children’s homeschool experience.

It is our pleasure to offer you, as an AFHE member, a 25% discount on the Homeschool Parents Edition. This offer is only good until December 31, 2012. Place your order now, so you won’t forget. When placing your order use coupon code AFHE25 to receive your discount. Check it out here: Journal in a BoxTM Homeschool Parents Edition.

We are a long time homeschooling family based in Arizona. Jack and Yvonne are former AFHE members – there daughter, Tonya graduated in 1998. Joe and Tonya are present members of AFHE. They homeschool their 2.5 children. (Yes, they are looking forward to the birth of their 3rd child soon.)