Adventures in Writing

Recording your adventures saves memories of and for a lifetime

Packing the raft can be an adventure in itself!

Many times when we are out on an adventure we don’t write down all of the great experiences.  As a man that has not been journaling but for a few years now, I have realized the importance of keeping a handwritten journal.

One of the reasons I love keeping my journal is that I can remember the day with clarity. I can go back and read the adventures as they were and not forget so much of the great day.

The Story Not Written

Back when I was 25 or maybe 26 I was out on a great river trip with my best friend down the mighty Colorado. It was sometime around June, I think. We met our group and guide – the guide’s name was John, maybe. We packed our rafts with all the supplies and off we went. I remember it was a pretty fun day.

The Story Recorded in the Journal

June 16 1995

Gorgeous mid-June day today, with a high around 85. Perfect for our day’s adventure. Jim and I arrived at Lee’s Ferry early this morning ready and raring to go for our trip down the mighty Colorado. We met up with a group of five – John and Fay on their honeymoon, father and son Bill and Jack and, of course, our two river guides – Bob and Joe. Two Joes on this trip, so we called the guide River Jim for the whole trip.

There at the launch point we packed the raft, checking our packing list and checking it again. River Jim began to tell us about all the rapids that we were going to encounter on the way down. I was okay with North Canyon Rapid and Grapevine Rapid, but my blood pressure rose a tad with Sheer Wall Rapid. I wasn’t going to let it show, though…

To Write or Not to Write

As you can tell there are a lot more details in the written journal. There are so many advantages to a handwritten journal. A small, flexible journal fits right in your pack and can be pulled out when you need it, unlike your laptop. And the sensory act of writing it down evokes so many memories when I pull out my journal years later. For instance the water stain on the cover from the time my dad and I went deer hunting and it did nothing but rain. But I would never trade the time with my dad and it is all there in my journal for me to relive again and pass down the stories to my kids.


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