We knew you would stop in here. The reason we knew is we do it too. Just like you, we want to know the “who” and the “what” of all the things we get involved in.

With that in mind, we decided to let you know “who” we really are and then we can move on to the “what”.

Let’s start with this

We’re not out to conquer the world. We’re out to help individuals conquer their worlds – one guided journal at a time. We offer guided journals in a variety of topics designed to make it easier for hobbyists, enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, parents, teens, kids and more to write their way to accomplishment one day, one milestone or one exploit at a time.

We’ll tell you more about those guided journals a little further on. But now we’ll tell you about the individuals who hang out here at Journal in a BoxTM.

First, there’s Joe. Joe hunts, camps, fishes, hikes and in general hangs out with the flora and fauna as much as possible. When we can reign him in and pull him back indoors he is in charge of the warehouse, designs outdoor related guided journals, and provides backup on number crunching duty. Joe is the designer and developer of all the outdoor guided journals. So far he has put his stamp on the Pre-Season Hunting Edition, the Hunting Edition, and the Fishing Edition, with more to come. You never know when Joe will come up with a new outdoor guided journal for your use and pleasure. Let him know if you have something in particular in mind and he will work with you to provide just the right outdoors guided journal to meet your needs. joe@journalinabox.com

Number 2 in our lineup is Tonya. When she isn’t taking care of her three young ‘uns she teaches drama, acts, does behind the scenes work in local theater, reads, crochets, knits, writes and creates delicious homemade or gourmet meals – take your pick. Somehow she still finds time to be the IT department, the bookkeeper, a multiple guided journal creator, the office manager and our customer service representative. Whew, I need to take a breath. Did I mention she home schools her kids?  She is the designer and developer of both the Princess and Pirate Editions of guided journals. She took charge in putting together the Baby Edition, the Kids Edition, the Wine edition, the Home School Parents Edition, the . . . oh, the list goes on and on. Also, if you need information about the Journal in a BoxTM website or other technical information Tonya is your go-to-gal. tonya@journalinabox.com

Now along comes Jack. Jack is a cool hand as in Elvis cool and a cool head as in Abraham Lincoln cool. Yeah, we know – what a dichotomy. The truth is Jack can be found singing his way through the day with the joy that comes from being engaged in helping others. Yet, he is also the guy who shows us the path and guides the rest of us to the stream below the bridge when we’re having a heated discussion atop the bridge concerning how to jump. Jack is in charge of the wholesale division of Journal in a BoxTM. He can help you decide which guided journals will be best sellers for your particular industry as well as help you put your own brand on the journals of your choice. The best way to get in touch with Jack is to call 928-499-4797.

And there is Yvonne. Yvonne has trouble with this third person way of writing. But, even if she does say so herself, she’s catching on. Yvonne researches, listens, writes, thinks, and in general stirs the pot. She writes most of the online articles and the majority of the newsletter articles. She has designed and developed some of the guided journals starting with the RV Edition and the Original Edition. She enjoys being a hostess and getting to mingle with guests. To that end, she has designed and developed the soon to be released Hostess Edition guided journal. She loves reading, writing, ironing clothes, (yeah weird) laughing and watching roadrunners; not necessarily in that order. Yvonne wants to hear what you are thinking. She says it makes her job easier when she knows what you’re interested in. Want to make her day? Send her an email with your questions, suggestions, opinions and ideas.  yvonne@journalinabox.com

BTW – Journal in a BoxTM is a family owned business with “headquarters” (our garage) located in central Arizona near a small town called Mayer.

Now, what about those guided journals?

Whether you’re looking for a gift or a way to get the most out of your own life we’ve made it easier for you. Ta-da guided journals to the rescue!

Here is some important information about those guided journals:

We offer guided journals which are small (6”X6”X1/2”) on purpose – giving guidance filled with personal options and at the same time significantly avoiding overwhelm.

These guided journals Do Not have a wire binding and are soft sided for a reason – it makes them easier to transport, store and use.

Transporting the journals is easy peasy. For instance, they can simply be tossed in a backpack because there are no hard edges or wire binding waiting to stab you in the back. They fit nicely beside or curl around the other objects in your purse, briefcase, book bag, beach bag or kangaroo pocket without becoming entangled.

Storing your journal in a drawer, atop your work station, near your favorite chair, in the glove box of your car, in the tiny cubby in your RV, beside the cookbooks, or any place of your choosing is easy because they are small, they have no wire bindings to entangle and because they’re soft-sided they are easy to bend and curve.

Using your journal is important to you so we made it easy to do wherever you are. You may have a table top, a desk or another hard writing surface and that is fine. But for those times when you are out and about (train, plane, park, resort, beach, porch, bed and breakfast) your journal can comfortably and safely be used in your lap, atop your purse, straddling your briefcase, on the edge of the bench and so on. They feel good. They conform nicely. They don’t get snagged on other objects or your clothing.

The line of guided journals is diverse and growing – allowing you to explore different options for yourself or those on your gift list.

The guided journals are produced in the USA using archival quality paper.

The guided journals come with a Shredder Guarantee and Accident Insurance. http://www.journalinabox.com/insurance-guarantee/

There’s a guided journal for that

The guided journals are developed with topic-specific needs and criteria in mind. For example, if you’re moving and you want to reduce the chaos there’s a journal for that. Are you interested in improving your daily home school adventures? Yes, there’s a journal for that.

Want to have fun while trying various wines? Need a well thought out hunter’s scouting journal? Interested in capturing the moments of your fast growing baby? Determined to be the hostess with the mostest? Love the friendship and bonding of board and table gaming? Tuned to passing down your skill and insight concerning hunting? The list goes on, and you get the picture – there’s a guided journal for that.

And there’s more

So, you know we do a lot of things for you right up front.

But, there are a lot of things we don’t do for you.

Click here to find out what we DON’T do for you.

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