5 Unexpected Ways to Use Journal in a Box Guided Journals

Make a decorative statement

For years now I’ve been using various items to give my decorative objects a bit of a rise. I studied Interior Design in college and have always had an affinity for making my belongings do double duty as design elements. One of my favorite tricks is to put a lamp on a stack of books in order to give the lamp a bit more umph.

The great part about using a stack of Journal in a BoxTM Guided Journals as a riser for a lamp or a vase or any decorative object is that you are able to kill two birds with one stone. People are always wondering where to store their journals. Well. . . stack them under your bedside lamp of course. :)

And, the really good part is that you can use those Journals to give your decorative objects some pizzazz before or after you’ve filled in all the good things your journal holds dear for you.

Start a club

There has been a bit of a stir lately concerning the immense value of using a journal on a regular basis to enhance your life. Lots of people, from mental health care professionals to sports coaches, from spiritual leaders to education leaders and many others recommend the use of a journal. But the difference between knowing what is right and doing what is right is sometimes as immense as my lovely state’s Grand Canyon.

One way to begin or get better at the journaling habit is to form a club. When you use a Journal in a BoxTM Guided Journal as a starting point to help form your club you create an easy to use pathway for spurring one another on to a great journaling habit. Knowing that you will be meeting with other folks on a regular basis who are on the same journey you are on is comforting as well as an excellent catalyst to boost you on to journal writing excellence.

Another benefit of using a Journal in a BoxTM Guided Journal is allowing the members the ease of a limited time frame commitment. No member will be overwhelmed thinking he or she must be committed to a long term obligation. Within only a few months club members will have gained a good journal writing habit and completed an entire journal to treasure now and in the future.

When you decide to begin a club using Journal in a BoxTM Guided Journals give us a call (928-499-4797) or send an email (tonya@journalinabox.com) BEFORE you order your journals. You will be able to receive a multiple order discount AND you’ll be able to take advantage of the white sheet we’ve prepared to help you with some guidelines concerning having a successful journal writers club. And, if you simply have some questions get in touch.

Use it as a fan

Do you have those days when it isn’t quite hot enough to justify the expense of turning on the air conditioning system just yet, but it is a tad bit too warm. Grab your Journal in a BoxTM journal (any edition will do) and begin to fan your face. It will help. Really. I’ve done it.

You may want to alternate between the occasional face fanning activity and writing about your warm day in your journal. Hey, reporting about normal or unusual weather is good fodder for your journal. It helps form a framework for the other things you are writing about.

Pass it around

This may be one of the most fun and enlightening activities you participate in this year. Using which ever Journal in a BoxTM edition is most appropriate for you and the group you are a part of make a plan for passing a single journal around. Your group may consist of your extended family, your coworkers, your RV friends, a service organization, a bunch of friends, your gardening club, your sorority, your hunting buddies or any other set of like minded individuals you can think of.

Here is how it works:

  • Decide on the group and get a consensus.
  • Make a list of the people who will be participating and pass the list with the journal.
  • If your group is local simply meet and pass the list to the next participant. If the members are scattered about the country then members will need to mail the journal along its path.
  • Ask each member of your group to fill in 1 or more (depending on how many members there are in your group) two page spread of the journal and pass it on to the next person.
  • If your group is local plan on getting together on a specific date to read through the entries for a barrel of fun.
  • If your group is scattered and unable to meet pass the journal around one last time after it is filled so all may enjoy.

Don’t expect anyone to reveal any deep dark secrets. Do expect to encounter bits and pieces of the participants’ personalities or their lives which you might not have known about before. This is a great way to let everyone in your group shine and get to know one another a bit better.

Make family reunions more memorable

Family reunions are simply too short.

We seldom get to spend enough time with those long distance cousins and their kids. The family historian may bring along some copies of the latest reports concerning research of the family tree. And Uncle Ned is sure to entertain everyone with tales of his latest conquests. Those relay races and paper plate tosses have their place.

Yet, there could be one more activity which will allow the family to really, yes really, get caught up with the fun doings of the present family tree they seldom see.

When you are the next person in charge of your family reunion give the entire affair a new and brilliant activity guaranteed to start a lively I-didn’t-know-that conversation.

By having individuals or individual family groups journal in a 10 week Journal in a BoxTM Guided Journal before attending the reunion you get everyone off to a great beginning on the same foot. Then, plan a time to have family members read excerpts from their journals or simply pass them around so everyone gets a peek into the lives of their fellow family members.

Once again, don’t expect or ask for deep dark secrets. But do plan on learning about Baby Dolly’s latest darling antics as well as tales of how Gramma got Grampa to dance around the living room on his toes.

When you or the person in charge of your reunion decides to liven up the activities with this journal writing experience be sure to get in touch with the Journal Guides at Journal in a BoxTM BEFORE you order. The Guides will be happy to give you a multiple order discount. Call 928-499-4797 or email tonya@journalinabox.com

It is up to you

Which of these 5 unexpected ways to use your Guided Journal from Journal in a BoxTM will you use? Decide which seems most fun or most suited to your situation and determine to use it. Write in your journal (now) which of these ways you will use your journal then make some plans – in your journal – for how you will pull it off. If you need help or suggestions please get in touch. The Journal Guides love helping people find new and exciting ways to use their journals.

As a lover of words, pens, paper and the dictionary I'm a natural for journal writing. But, I wasn't always faithful to the task and had to learn the hard way. Some trial and error as well as input from my journal writing friends helped move me along. I have a burning desire to help people who want to use and get the most out of their journals and diaries. I see journal writing as a self improvement tool and a way to avoid costly mistakes, bad relationships and my stinky-self. Finding my kindly self is part of the journey which keeps me writing. I Journalate and so can you.


  1. I love the ideas about passing a journal around, especially to family members. I normally think of journal writing as being very personal but this is a wonderful idea.

    • Sarah – One of our Journal Guides (Jack) used this idea for his 50th high school reunion that he was unable to attend. He sent a Journal in a Box Original and asked them to pass it around to the attendees and send it back to him. They did and he was grateful that he had the writings not only because it was fun to see what all the classmates had written, but also because one of the women was in an accident on the way home and did not survive. So, he had a precious reminder of her – one of the last things she had written.

  2. Yes, Sarah it is fun. Tonya and I once sent a journal back and forth to play with when we were living in different cities. Another time, I started a journal around through my cousins in order to capture what we all remembered about our grandparents. What a hoot.


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