30 Interesting Aspects of Journal Keepers

Sam Michel

Things we know about you

As journal keepers and diary writers you are significantly more attuned to yourselves and the world around you. Nothing earth shaking about that bit of information, I know. You’ve already figured that out on your own.

But there is more to the story. For about a year and a half now the Journal Guides at Journal in a BoxTM have been listening to and watching for the things you say about how you journal and why you journal.

And, we’ve learned some very interesting aspects about the journal writers’ community. We’ve boiled our learning down to the following 30 “things we know about you” in no particular order.


  1. aren’t always sure how to balance work, home and life in general
  2. wish you were more organized
  3. are concerned about your grammar and spelling skills
  4. wish for support and interaction with other journal keepers
  5. get excited about finding just the right word or phrase to use in your writing
  6. tend to procrastinate about specific things
  7. struggle with interference from outside sources (boss, neighbors, spammers, etc.)
  8. want to get around the “rules” of “routine”
  9. have unfinished projects – and want to complete them
  10. want to improve both personally and professionally
  11. occasionally face motivation problems
  12. have some fascinating stories to tell
  13. are frustrated with certain circumstances in your life
  14. can be caught up with fear-of-failure on occasion
  15. realize there are some things you’re not good at – yet
  16. know there are barriers in your life you would like to remove
  17. sometimes feel you are going through life “floating” rather than purposefully
  18. want to share your particular passions with others (art, hobbies, life’s work, overcoming)
  19. understand that the process of writing is important to your well being
  20. now and then “stuff” stuff you should bring to the surface
  21. can become quite impatient
  22. are concerned about making your dollars count
  23. realize at times your confidence flags
  24. are occasionally disappointed
  25. are interested in learning
  26. at times make mountains out of mole hills
  27. sometimes have some big doubts about your choices
  28. want to know more about the processes of journal writing
  29. desire to be encouraged
  30. like the tools (a journal and a pen) almost as much as the actions of journaling

What do you think?

Did we get it right? Did we miss something important?

We greatly appreciate your input!


As a lover of words, pens, paper and the dictionary I'm a natural for journal writing. But, I wasn't always faithful to the task and had to learn the hard way. Some trial and error as well as input from my journal writing friends helped move me along. I have a burning desire to help people who want to use and get the most out of their journals and diaries. I see journal writing as a self improvement tool and a way to avoid costly mistakes, bad relationships and my stinky-self. Finding my kindly self is part of the journey which keeps me writing. I Journalate and so can you.


  1. Wow.

    This describes me so well. I didn’t even realize I was like this until I found myself agreeing to every item on the list. I still can’t believe that someone who doesn’t even know me can describe me that well. “Wow” is really the only thing that comes to mind after reading this. Seriously, I am speechless.


  2. Cool Jan!

    That is great to hear. “Wow,” makes us feel good right down to our toes. We’ve missed you. Speak up in the Jibber-Jabber forums. You fit in well with the rest of us with the above 30 interesting aspects. :)

  3. I identify with all but #3. I’m more concerned about the results than the spelling & grammar. Otherwise you have a pretty good picture of me!

  4. That is great, Sarah.

    At least we got close. :)

    And, you are so right. Results are what matter. And, the fascinating thing is there are about a kazillion ways to get results when journaling. I’m glad you see the big picture.


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